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Messege from Trustee Chairman

Messege from Trustee Chairman

Establishing and developing educational institutions is my passion. If we realise that our country has issues that go beyond its borders and Brand India is global now, then why we do we continue with schools that have only the bare minimum in terms of facilities for students and teachers? I strongly believe schools must invest in nurturing young children and give them an environment to learn and grow, which is why I set up world class schools. GD Goenka Global School, Hisar is the manifestation of our desire. Here you will find all the facilities and infrastructure a children can use to expand their learning.  

Education doesn't mean only acquiring knowledge. Because what children learn today determines their tomorrow and consequently the future of the nation. Children are like clay-tender and very malleable. And when you plan to take them on early in their lives, every bit of knowledge imparted by their guru is comparable to the masterful touch of a skilled potter. So our actions will make a permanent impression on the child’s being and strengthen them over the years to create their character.

It is not enough to have just an idea, which is why I have been immersing myself in on-the-ground research throughout my experience in education. I examined the lives of many students and teachers and my findings compelled me to set up world class schools in Haryana so that students in Hissar and nearby cities need not move to schools in the South or Mumbai region. 

Central to our efforts to build an intellectual community is our dedicated faculty. Intensely devoted to the success of their students, the faculty serves as teachers, coaches, advisors, mentors, and friends. In every area of school life, the faculty seeks to challenge and inspire students to reach new levels of inquiry and understanding. 

We are a school community with high expectations, academic and otherwise. At the same time, we are always there to help students develop intellectual, artistic, and personal interests contributing to their holistic growth.  

I welcome parents and students to be a part of the GD Goenka Global School family to share common ideals and aspirations as we build a challenging and enriching educational experience for our students.  

Mukesh Sharma